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Top 3 Causes Of Energy Disharmony.

Energy Disharmony Is The Foundational Principle In Any Energy Healing. This
Disharmony Eventually Leads to Chronic Diseases.

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energy disharmony
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In our discussions about acupuncture, chakra healing and toxemia, it is very evident of the relationship between energy and our health or well-being. Maintaining harmonious Qi or Prana energy in our body is really the foundation of good health.

Since our body has an inherent desire for perfect health, why does energy disharmony happen? What causes it to happen?

Of course there are various factors causing this disharmony. However, the three main contributors are:

For our body to maintain its natural rhythm, it needs to receive natural energy from earth. Therefore, we are interacting with our environment more than we know. 

Nevertheless, the energies around us not only feeds us positive energy, it can sometimes feed negative energy. The first two major cause of energy disharmony are water and our surrounding environment or atmosphere.

Stress is the third major factor that causes energy disharmony. So, even if you live in the best environment and have the right water, stress can still cause energy disharmony. Unlike the previous two factors, which are external, stress is internal. We can't avoid stress, as it is part and puzzle of life. However, we can certainly learn to cope with it. Hence, learning how to cope with stress is an integral and important aspect of life. 

Besides energy disharmony, our surroundings places burden on us as our body is continuously loaded with toxins that it is not able to eliminate fast enough leading to effects of toxemia.


The benefits of drinking water goes beyond the realms of being a substance that allows the bio-chemical function of our body carry out its activity efficiently. In fact, we are beginning to realize one of the many wonders of water in that it is an important source of energy for us. 

I know of many people who are proud advocate of filtered water like reverse osmosis (RO) water. Whilst having clean water is important, nature has intended for us to have water complete with minerals and energy. What users of RO water don't realize is that, the water is no longer natural and is robbing energy and minerals out from our body to re-create the desired balance or equilibrium.

Besides that, in many developed countries, we get our water from the tap. Again, to ensure that the water is hygienic, chemicals like chlorine have been added. What is worse is that chlorine is transformed to tri halo methane (THM) when exposed to sunlight on its way to our tap. THM has been documented to be carcinogenic. This is stored as negative energy and cannot be removed with filters.

That is just one of 315 pollutants found in the tap water American drink.


Toxins are not just accumulating from sources of water. Our entire surroundings are presenting to us a barrage of pollutants and energy that disrupts our health.

Electro-smog is a form a pollution that is increasing at an accelerated pace due to advancements in the digital world we can't live without. This is an invisible form of pollution and people exposed to it often demonstrate:

Besides that, air-conditioners are weakening us! Since we live in cool environment, we do not perspire enough to eliminate toxins. Hence, there are many factors that is causing toxins to accummulate as our body is not able to naturally detoxify.


Stress is a silent killer as it is one of the major causes of most chronic diseases. Stress drains energy from our body. Prolonged low energy levels eventually cause bio-chemical and structural changes. Eventually, stress exhibits its existence through chronic diseases. 

Stress is an integral part of life. So don't think you can hide from it or avoid it. Nevertheless, one can learn to cope with stress effectively protecting our body from its detrimental chain reaction.

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