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Electro-Smog: The Modern Day Health Threat

You May Not Need Medical Treatment But To Seek Protection.

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The first time I was told about e-smog, I had no idea the impact its on us!

E-smog, its name derived from electro (electricity) + smog (fog) = Electro-smog, is a popular term used for all artificially produced electrical and magnetic fields as well as electromagnetic radiation.

There has been so much controversies about high tension cables and mobile phone use, etc

They contribute to this new form of pollution called electro-smog. It is a modern day pollution that our forefathers didn’t have to deal with.

In fact, the majority of us are victim of e-smog and don’t even realize it!

If you suffer from

You may not need to seek medical cures instead seek to protect yourself from further exposures of e-smog.

As prescribed by ancient Indians, the chakra points are like antennas and they receive energy from the environment.

With all these negative energies vibrating around us, we are absorbing the effects of these energy unconsciously. These frequencies are unnatural and disrupt the bio-frequency of our cells. Eventually, the energy disharmony leads to chronic diseases.

Recall this, when your mobile phone rings in your car, does your car stereo gets interference with that irritating bleep sounds?

We cannot escape from its effects and it is practically everywhere. For example:

It is invisible, inaudible and odor-free yet is everywhere around us. Nevertheless, using specific measuring equipment, it can be detected. E-smog is increasing over the years as we continue to electrify equipments we use on a daily basis. Even our cars, as it becomes more computerized, it is affecting us without us realizing it.

The intensity of e-smog is increasing, especially in the 2.4GHz frequency band, as more and more applications like WiFi and BlueTooth are being used. 

Don’t you sometimes just feel so good being in nature or by the beach? Your body needs times like this to absorb positive therapeutic energy to maintain its healthy bio-frequency.

Hence, effects of electro-smog can lead to stress in healthy persons and slows down the natural compensating and regulating mechanisms that can lead to various health issues.

Whilst we cannot escape from the effects of e-smog, there are now good energy healing therapy products that will shield you from its harmful effects. Dr med Manfred Doepp conducts tests on these alternative natural cures to demonstrate their effectiveness on protecting against e-smog.

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