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Finally… The Truth About Body Detoxification:
Evidence Vs Commercial Hype?

Are There Really Toxins In Our Body And
Does It Really Makes Us Tired?
Does It Even Lead To Chronic Diseases?

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It’s after work and you are back home feeling sluggish and tired all the time. You know your time is best spent at the gym rather than spreading yourself across the sofa watching TV. 

But you just don’t have the energy to do even twitch a muscle.

Or perhaps you have dull aching joints, headaches and always feeling bloated.

In fact, this inactivity could have lead to some health issues that has brought you to this site.

Nothing is wrong, you are just toxic!

All you need to do is a thorough body detoxification or internal body cleanse. It is the process of removing toxic substances from our body.

I know you wanted to really know more about energy healing which I will get to in a moment.

Before that... I never used to believe in doing body detox for the plain reasons that our body is already doing it naturally. In the past, people didn’t have to do it. Why should we be spending our hard earned dollars now on some fancy program?

Aren’t these body detox programs merely commercial hype?

However, think about it, much of these toxins accumulate from our diet. Most processed foods contain many preservatives, chemicals, sugar, artificial sweeteners, MSG, and many more things. The most dangerous being soda pop, tap water, prescription drugs, and fast food restaurants.

Hack, we even get poisons and toxins from the air we breathe.

The fact is that the benefits of body detox have not been proven at this point.

However, let me help you make sense of this ideology.

Most body detox advocates don’t know this but it is a crucial key to staying healthy and preventing toxin build up.

The toxins are not really the major culprits.

Natural body detoxification has in fact a lot of relevance to the energetic nature of our health.

Truth be told, Dr. J.H. Tilden first proposed the concept of toxemia.

The toxin build up in our body, that we all know, is actually prompted by a state of low energy in the body.

According to Dr. J.H. Tilden, this state is called enervation. The low energy state of the body prevents the body from eliminating waste optimally causing the build up of toxins in our body.

This naturally causes energy imbalances and blocked energy as we commonly know in energy healing therapies like acupuncture and chakra energy healing.

In the concept of toxemia that Dr. J.H. Tilden proposed, this low state of energy triggers a 7 stage chain reaction that eventually leads to chronic diseases like cancer.

The amazing fact is when toxins are being flushed out, our body is naturally strengthen, preventing and reversing the progression of chronic diseases.

So doing a body detox is really a personal choice but you’ll feel the significant difference in energy and vitality.

After all, it won’t hurt to try isn’t it?

Detox does not have to be a complicated regime of herbs and teas or programs.

Even a simple diet change for couple of weeks of lighter foods, salads vegetables and fruits will do the trick!

This gives our digestive system a good rest. However, don’t forget to drink enough water.

natural body detoxBesides that , keep in mind the fact that best body detox products isn’t usually in accordance with the price, producer or how famous it can be but exactly how you make use of it.

I know some of you just need a complete body detox guide, so here is one that you might like to download.

In the subsequent emails, I am going to share with you more health tips that will transform and revitalise your life! Stay tuned...

Before that... I'd like to hear from you.

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