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Are You Drinking Water For Energy? Or Thirst?

Natural Energized Water Clears Toxins,
Tap Water Leaves Them In Body.

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drinking water for energy

previous … …drinking water for energy. Unfortunately, most of us in developed nations are drinking ‘dead’ water.

Water is the basis of all life and that includes your body.

Besides supporting our bodily functions, one of the most significant benefits of drinking water is that is delivers energy to our body. This is the essential life force energy or 'Qi' that maintains our health. It's not something that contemporary medicine doctors are familiar with.

Good quality healing water is how it is found in nature. Water found in nature is energized and free from contaminants.

Most of us in developed nations are drinking water that is not energizing us! In fact, it is robbing energy out of our system. Over a gradual period of time, it is taking a toll on our health. Our body is devoid of this important energy source.

Besides that, ‘dead’ water does not function like energized water. ‘Dead water’ does not effectively remove toxins from our cells to allow elimination. The toxin build up in our body contributes to the gradual progress to chronic diseases.

According to National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF), non-profit body, chlorine in the treated water transforms to Tri Halo Methane (THMs) when it is exposed to sun radiation during its long journey to our tap. There is evidence that THMs is carcinogenic. Unlike chlorine, THMs is not removed even after boiling our water.

Water filters are effective at removing some contaminants from water. However, the negative energy of these contaminants is not removed because of water memory effect.

Most folks are beginning to realize the importance of drinking enough water. Some folks are discovering the power of flushing out your system with water first thing in the morning. However, crowds of people are not aware about drinking water for energy, life force energy!

Learn how you can also turn ‘dead’ water to energized water. Be sure to sign up for eNHC Health Guide.

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