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Diabetes Natural Cures Beyond Symptoms.

Diabetics Don’t Have A Disease, They Just Have Toxins!

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diabetes natural cures

previous …energy healing is not limited to diabetes natural cures like acupuncture, chakra healing, yoga etc.

Even body detox involves the principle of energy. 

In the process of body detox, expelling toxins from our body is only half the story! Do you know why toxins accumulate in our body in the first place?

Most folks will be surprised, cause it’s actually energy!

Dr. J.H. Tilden says that it is the low state of energy known as enervation that leads to chronic diseases. This 7 stage process know as toxemia is a chain reaction that causes the body to accumulate toxins.

A lot of these toxins are being stored in our fat cells. That’s the reason why when diabetics loose weight and loose their fats, they automatically reverse diabetes.

Therefore, loosing weight not only eliminate toxins from our body, but most importantly diabetes natural cures encourages the harmonious flow of energy in the body, preventing further toxin build up.

Then you ought to try a complete body detoxification to cleanse your body and allow it to work its best at naturally healing.

There are many body detox options. Whilst doing your research, it is important to note that detoxification must happen at the cellular level for our body to completely reset.

Besides that, some folks didn’t see significant benefit of these diabetes natural cures because their body is not energized and strong enough to detox completely.

Ok I can’t help it.

Now that we have talked about detoxing. You don’t want to start putting toxins back into your body!

Unfortunately, we still can’t escape from the need to adapt good diet habits.

Sugar is a major poison in our diet.

Most of us are consuming too much glycemic food. Our body is just not designed to this diet. Therefore, look out for all the carbohydrates that you take.

What you have to realize is that the restriction in sugar is to avoid its toxic effect and not its direct effect on our blood glucose. Though the latter is true too. continue

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