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A Pharmacists Perspective On Complimentary Medicine.

I Was Very Skeptical About Alternative Medicine. I Want To Share With You Why Complimentary Medicine Is Not Enemy to Western Medicine.

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Pharmacist on Complimentary Medicine5Hi, welcome to My name is Denver. I am a pharmacist by training. Still believing in western medicine, I am also an advocate to holistic approach to our health and well-being. Nevertheless, I did not have the same appreciation to alternative medicine in the past.

You see; I was very skeptical about complimentary medicine owing to my background training as a pharmacist and my 9 years working in the pharmaceutical industry. It was always about evidence-based medicine.

Even when I was diagnosed with leukemia in year 2000, many people tried to encourage me to explore various complimentary medicines. I resisted fearing that it would further interfere with the success of the western treatments I was prescribed.

My transformation began when I witnessed...

... Patients who had diabetes for years finally got their sugar levels controlled

... Senior citizens who were bed ridden miraculously gained mobility again

... Patients who threw their walking sticks when their knee pain disappeared

... People who had migraine attacks every week regained control of the life.

The effects from the energy healing that I saw really caught me by surprise. It totally opened my horizons to wellness beyond my exposure as a pharmacist and started my journey into holistic management of health and complimentary medicine.

Western medicine works on a different concept from complimentary medicine. Often seen as enemies, in fact, as the name suggest, they actually complement each other very well. Simply said, western medicine is extremely effective at acute problems. On the other hand, with chronic illness, complementing with natural cures is a more holistic and natural approach that is beginning to gain a lot of acceptance.

Most of us believe that the symptom that we experience when we are ill is bad. We take medicines to eliminate the symptoms and we think that the illness is gone. However, the symptoms are just signals that the body is not in harmony and that the body is attempting to naturally self-cure.

Not realizing it, as we take medicines, we are merely suppressing the symptoms making matters worse as the root of the problem still lies in us. Hence, the problem takes a different form and re-emerges again. These are merely just symptoms!

Why just suppress the symptoms when you can now get to the root of the problem with natural cures?

Today, I very much believe that our body has an inherent desire to give us perfect health. We just have to naturally encourage that by providing our body the environment to continuously self-cure.

With energy healing therapy, we are only providing the body the necessary energy and strength to reverse the progression of disease. As we do not consume any form of medicine, there is little worry about side effects or interactions.

Hence, I would like to share with you all the information I have gathered about complimentary medicine especially in the area of energy. You have heard about people supplementing on nutrition. However, there is emerging evidence that energy is the root of the problem and that supplementing energy reverses the progression of most illnesses.


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