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The 'Qi' Effects In Chinese Natural Cures.

Our Body Will Have Low Healing Ability And Malfunction When
There Are Energy Disharmonies. The Science Of This
Energy Healing Even Governs Our Mental State Through The Meridian System!

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In western medicine practice, we attack the symptoms of our health problems with aggressive medicines. If we still can’t fix it, we remove it, surgically!

Many illnesses are not curable in western medicine but managed. However, in Chinese natural cures, by harmonizing the energetic faults, the organic and bio-chemical problems can eventually auto-correct.

With Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or Chinese natural cures, practitioners don’t focus on suppressing symptoms. They use the symptoms to trace back to its specific root of the problem. This isolates the root of the problem and stub out the problem once and for all.

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners had this concrete knowledge regarding the association of energy to our wellness over 3,000 years ago!

Since then, Chinese natural cures and health remedies have evolved and diversified to numerous forms like acupuncture, acupressure, qi gong and herbal medicine.

One thing for sure, all these practices employs the knowledge of energy as the foundation to good health. Even the herbs are used to harmonize energy in the body.

The perfect balance and harmony of this life force energy, or more commonly known as "Qi" or "Chi", creates the perfect environment for our body to heal naturally.

With Chinese natural cures, the basic modus operandi to good health is achieved by maintaining a delicate balance of yin and yang energy as well as to ensure smooth flow of this energy through the meridian system.

As you know, our body is constantly ‘damaged’ and can heal itself naturally. However, our body will have low healing ability or our organs and tissues will even malfunction when there are blockages and uneven flow of energy.

Unlike western medicine, the biological function rather than physical body parts divides the meridian system, which is why there are some on the list with no corresponding anatomical structure.

Take the spleen, in Chinese energy healing, the spleen is not a specific piece of flesh, but an aspect of function related to the transformation and transportation within the body, and of the mental functions of thinking and studying.

Yes, that’s right. The meridian system also governs our mental state. Demonstrating the holistic nature of our health! This is not the first time we are demonstrating this holistic nature of health. Chakra healing also establishes this concretely.

Hence, in Chinese energy healing therapy, each of the meridians is link to each of the twelve major organs (Zhang-Fu organs) of the human body that balances each other by Yin and Yang energy:

Yin (Zhang organ) Yang (Fu organ)
Heart Small Intestine
Liver Gall Bladder
Spleen Stomach
Lung Large Intestine
Kidney Bladder
Pericardium Triple Burner

To give you a clearer picture...

On these meridians, there are located acupuncture points or stimulation points. These acupuncture points are located where... continue

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