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The Amazing 'Prana' Effects In Chakra Energy Healing.

90% Of Illnesses Are Caused By Emotions. Our
Hidden Emotional Baggages Floats Up As
Health Issues Caused By Energetic Faults.
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chakra energy healing

If you think the whole mind, body and soul thing is a load of nonsense. I don’t blame you!

I felt exactly the same way too.

Why not just pop in a pill and get rid of the problems? Where is the science?

However, I eventually realized that the doctrine of western medicine is so no longer complete.

Let’s face it, 90% of chronic diseases are caused by emotions, for example, stress. Yes, think about it, stress is primarily emotional and a leading cause of diseases. You just can’t take a pill to stop you crying!

Chakra healers realizes that these emotions causes disharmony of energy flow. By addressing the energy disharmony, it prevents the body from developing physical diseases or even automatically corrects existing physical diseases.

With chakra energy healing, diabetes is a problem associated with energy disharmony of the third chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra.

The disharmony of this chakra not only brings about physiological problems but it is also associated with emotional imbalances.

People who has disharmony of the solar plexus, often have difficulty obtaining or maintaining his/her own “personal power”. Disharmony of this reflects feelings of inferiority, over analytical, sarcastic and pessimistic.

Therefore, as with most energy healing therapy, the primary objective of chakra energy healing therapy is to create harmonious balance and flow of energy, known as Prana, throughout our body.

This doctrine marked the birth of a diverse range of alternative natural cures like

all with the sole purpose of bringing about energy balance to maintain our general well-being.

Unlike the complicated meridian system and acupuncture points in chinese energy healing, the chakra system simplistically consists of 7 major chakra points. These chakra points are like… continue

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