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Human Aura And Bio-Frequency Spectrum For Health.

Did You Know You Can Induce
Healing With Specific Energy Frequencies?

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Humans emit a low form of energy called the bio-frequency spectrum energy(BFS). Our greater understanding and knowledge in this area further enhances our ability to use this knowledge in alternative energy healing for our well-being.

When we fall sick or when we are weak, the energy frequencies in our body changes.

Today, we know the specific frequencies in healthy individuals and we are able to easily bring any individual back to this healthy state with just the exact bio-frequency!

Since energy exist in many forms, there is a direct and proportional relationship between bio-frequency and the human aura. Although the latter, has a much larger scope beyond health.

Also, back in 1950, a few Chinese medical researchers published their research on this BFS and identified them as the vital energy or Qi of human being. They speculated that by reinforcing this energy, we could improve our body’s ability to naturally heal.

So what is this bio-frequency spectrum energy?

Basically, due to our energetic nature, we emit energy frequencies that correlate to energy wavelength found in the light spectrum. This is also commonly known as human aura. Interestingly, this information not only correlates with the functional status of our body but also reflects our health status.

This BFS is present in every living being. However, every living being has a different make up of BFS. In human being, this energy ‘finger print’ or human aura, is more complex, consisting mainly of the infrared range, short wave components, long wave components and even a very small amount in the microwave range.

Using the Kirlian camera, we can see this energy by different colors and brightness.

When our vital energy is low, this bio-frequency spectrum energy is affected. 

This knowledge is not new as its principals are applied by many holistic therapy like heat therapy, chakra energy healing, and Chinese natural cures.

Over the last forty years, scientific evidence has found that heat therapy like saunas has healing benefits. Many hospitals also uses heat lamps to help patients sooth pain. However, traditional saunas create exposure to extremely high temperatures causing heat stress that can have detrimental effects on health, especially for people with heart condition or high blood pressure.

However, today, what we now know is that there are 3 ranges of spectrum in infrared with its specific characteristic:

There has been extensive studies done, especially in Japan, and they found that we can achieve all the benefits of heat therapy without the side effects by isolating and applying Far Infrared energy or FIR Therapy.

Today, the application of FIR therapy is diverse. Discover more at eNHC Health Guide.

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