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The Real Benefits Of Yoga As
An Energy Healing Therapy

It's The Only Form Of Exercise That
Massages Internal Organs And Glands Thoroughly!

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Most folks don't realized it but the foundation of yoga is about creating a balance of energy in our body for thorough wellness.

I always thought yoga was an activity for ladies. I thought it is for people who have a lot of flexibility and it is way too slow for me. It’s way too boring!

Only recently have I discovered the benefits of yoga.

Yoga is a form of energy healing that was discovered many thousands of years ago. This form of exercise not only tones our muscle but one of the most significant benefits of yoga is how it works on harmonizing our chakras.

Naturally having harmonized chakras means not just good health but a balanced mental, emotional and spiritual individual. When this balance exists, it means that energy can flow more freely throughout our body, preventing development of diseases.

I woke up to the benefits of yoga when my acupuncturist freaked out and commented, “It’s bad that you can’t touch your toes!”

She found out that I have only 20% flexibility; I could not even touch my own toes with my fingers without bending my knees. It was only then that I realized my flexibility has a lot of implications to my health.

I am sure many of you are able to do that too. Unfortunately, most people may be flexible in the forward bending postures but not the opposite. A balance of opposite postures is equally important. You are only as healthy as your spine.

Although there are many variations of yoga, the form of yoga that most people practice is Hatha Yoga. The two major elements to master is our breathing pattern (also called Pranayama) and the poses (also called Asanas). 

Its benefits can only be fully tapped when yoga practitioners are able to help yogis understand how each Asanas is able to activate the different chakras to create harmony.

For example, the Setu Bandhasana pose activates the root chakra. This chakra regulates our eating and when malfunctions, obesity can develop.

You may be like me, thinking... “I can’t do all those impossible pose!”

What I learnt was that it is not necessary for us to attain those pose immediately. In fact, it is not a competition, not even with yourself. There are different levels of difficulty to each pose that you can choose from. 

During the exercise, you will feel tightness at the area involved. The most important thing to do to achieve the optimal benefits of yoga is to bring your awareness to this tightness and the body. This creates the ultimate connection of body and mind.

The benefits of yoga to our health are beyond anyone’s imagination usually. It is probably the only form of exercise that massages our internal organs and glands thoroughly. 

As we stretch and squeeze every muscle, we are pumping lots of fresh nutrients in our blood to the every corner of our body cells. Most importantly, it revitalizes every cell in our body with renewed and optimal flow of vital energy. Besides that, yoga allows cell in our body to drain toxins out from our system.

As with any form of exercise, one of the known benefits of yoga is that it relaxes our body and decreases stress

Besides that, there are multifold health benefits as demonstrated in various studies, such as:

This energy healing exercise is powerful in making that body and mind connection to maintain good Qi flow in our body. It is definitely worthwhile as it creates a natural environment for our body to self-cure. Nevertheless, if you are planning to be a slow adopter like me, one thing that you can do starting today is to observe good posture especially along your spine. This ensures natural Qi flow to maintain good health.

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