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Applied Kinesiology Is A Fantastic Home Test For
Alternative Natural Cures and Remedies.

By Simply Using Muscle Testing, We Are Able To Reveal Energy Disharmonies. Ask Your Body A Question,
Amazingly It Will Answer!

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applied kinesiology
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Have you heard of applied kinesiology or muscle testing?

Your body can sense the good and bad energy. You will be amazed how we can use this technique to ‘basically talk’ with our body. They are very simple techniques that anyone can learn and apply immediately.

First of all, applied kinesiology is a natural health therapy that primarily uses muscle testing to reveal any energy disharmony in the body. 

This is a holistic approach that not only provides physiological facts but also most importantly emotional and spiritual facts that is embedded in the person’s subconscious mind. This is important as 90% of physical problem is caused by emotional problem.

Muscle testing was first discovered by a chiro-practitioner in 1960s. Since then, there has been many variations. To an observer, it seems as if it is a test of muscle strength. However, it is really the integrity of the muscle which is being tested.

Hence, the key principle in applied kinesiology is using the muscle as a detector system to derive answers from our own subconscious mind. These answers are not even consciously aware to the person.

It is definitely a very useful tool that complements any alternative natural cures and remedies including energy healing therapy. Nonetheless, it is not infallible. Therefore, here are a few tips that will help you achieve the best possible results:

  1. Ensure that the person is not dehydrated
  2. Perform the test in a calm quiet environment
  3. Set clear goals of what you are trying to achieve
  4. Tester need to be focused and confident
  5. Learning how to phrase good questions
  6. Unstable polarity of the person will also affect the results

Last but not least, the core premise to using this technique is that our body has an inherent desire for perfect health and it knows exactly what it needs to naturally heal. Although the results depends on the technique of questioning, it is still a wonderful tool as it takes the unknown to a probability and to a possibility!

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