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Que Far-Infrared: The Only
Anti-Aging Program You Need

Are You Spending Money On
Anti-Aging Solutions That Is Only Skin Deep?

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previous... Think of all the money you spend every month to stay young. Beauty is a prime concern for especially ladies and they spend heaps of money on a 'promise' to stay young. However, do these anti-aging programs actually work?

FIR therapy works by using radiant heat. As opposed to traditional thermal systems, far-infrared is able to penetrate our body a depth of 1.5 inches without warming the air around us. The gentle heat from it’s carbon and porcelain emitters are especially beneficial in allowing us to fully capitalize far-infrared benefits for longer sessions than traditional units.

In a study done by Ju Hee Lee, far-infrared improves collagen content, reduces fine wrinkles and roughness of the skin. Besides that, it promotes blood flow, which allows delivery of sufficient nutrients, oxygen and removal of waste products from the skin-resulting in glowing skin.

Therefore, this is an anti-aging program that has been documented to be effective in clinical studies.

Nevertheless, a good anti-aging program isn’t just skin deep. In a study by Akinora Masuda et al, far-infrared provides protection against oxidative stress.

With the proven benefits in cardiovascular conditioning and stress relieve, que far-infrared ensures that you have a strong physical body to match the youthful skin.

Since que far-infrared also empowers our body’s own healing capabilities, this anti-aging program is going to keep you healthy, fit, and beautiful.

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