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Treat Deep Embedded Organs From Its Acupuncture Points.

Certain Accupuncture Points Are Used To Supplement, Others Are
Used To Sedate Whilst Others Has Balancing Effect.

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acupunctureprevious… the Qi of the channels rises close to the surface of the body. In Chinese energy healing therapy, there are at least 365 acupuncture points identified.

For example, if you have headache, you don't have to resort to medications like paracetamol that just suppresses the problem. By understanding the symptoms of your headache, you can easily apply pressure on LI4 for instant relieve!

You might not know where LI4 is, but the whole meridian is clearly mapped out and you can easily find these energy points.

Scientists have conducted studies and determined that accupuncture points are areas of low impedance on the surface of the skin, where electricity is conducted more easily than other surrounding areas.

These accupuncture points tend to be located in depressions and grooves between muscles and other tissues, which allow the Qi of a meridian to be easily accessed.

Each of the points along that meridian has a different effect on that meridian.

Certain points are known to tonify (supplement) the channel, organ or function others to reduce (sedate) whilst others have a homeostatic (balancing) effect.

Hence, accupuncture points are used to treat various conditions. For example,

Traditionally, each point on the meridian system has a unique Chinese name. However, in the western world, each accupuncture point is named according to its sequence along their associated meridian. (That’s right. The western world has started to embrace this powerful medicine system!)

For example, the first acupuncture point of the Lung meridian is named Zhong Fu, but we also refer to that accupuncture point numerically as Lung 1.

Here are some examples of how these acupuncture points are used in Chinese energy healing therapy:

Though more complicated than the chakra points, the meridian system and its accupuncture points provide very a precise health map for energy healing therapy. It allows us to treat even deep embedded organs from its accupuncture points, usually located on the limbs.

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